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What You Need To Know?

Fleas and ticks are crazy parasites that make our cats insane with all that scratching and itching that happens as a result of their bites. Not to mention, the diseases they transfer while taking a blood meal from our poor cat. Though cats comparatively have a stronger immunity, this flea and tick problem is just as common and debilitating in cats as it is in dogs. This makes it all the more important for cat owners to resort to a solution that is stronger and worthwhile. Bravecto spot-on for cats by MSD Animal Health is one such brilliant invention that gives complete and long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks.

How Does Bravecto Works?

Bravecto is a commercial name for Fluralaner which is a highly effective insecticide and acaricide. As the solution is applied at specific spots on the cat’s skin, the chemical distributes itself into the skin layers of the body. So, when a flea or a tick latches onto the kitty, fluralaner ingested while they feed on the cat attacks the central nervous system of the parasites. This chemical leads to hyperactivity in fleas and ticks, eventually rendering them dead

For How Long Does It Work?

Bravecto spot-on for cats is a long-lasting formula that kills adult fleas, flea larvae and ticks within 12 hours and grants full-protection until 3 months.

What All Tick Species Does Bravecto Spot-On Kills?

It kills paralysis ticks as well as brown legged ticks and prevents the recurrence of infestation. The formula also controls flea allergy dermatitis in cats.

How Bravecto Spot-On Is Applied to Cats?

The packaging usually contains 2 pipettes. So, firstly, you must remove one of the pipettes from the pack and break the seal. Secondly, steady your cat in a standing position. Now place the tip of the pipette on the base of the cat’s head. And finally, gently squeeze the entire content on that spot and leave it for drying completely.

Is Bravecto-Spot Safe For Small Cats?

Yes, you can easily apply this product to a kitty that is more than 11 weeks of age and weighs over 1.2 kg. There is a completely different packaging for Bravecto Spot-on for small cats so do check the label before you administer the treatment.

Is It Ok To Cuddle The Cat Just After Applying Bravecto Spot-on?

You should wait until the product has completely dried out.

What Are the Side-effects Of Using Braveto Spot-on in Cats?

Although there have been very rare cases of adverse reactions reported through clinical trials, a cat allergic to Fluralaner or having very low immunity may experience vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite and ulcer lesions. But, that is really one out of thousands.

How Is Bravecto-Spot On Better Than Other Flea And Tick Products?

The major difference is –

  • It provides 3 months of protection with one application whereas most other flea and tick products are just effective for 30 days.
  • Other than that, it is the best product to treat fleas that have become immune to Fipronil.
  • The product is available in different colors for different sized cats.
  • Best product for cats that do not like to take oral treatments at all.

Bravecto is a potent antidote against heavy flea and tick infestation. So, now you do not need to bother about your cat getting infested because if you use Bravecto regularly and year-round, fleas and ticks will be a thing of the past. But, do keep in mind to treat your house completely if the kitty already has the infestation. This ensures the complete elimination of the flea larvae from the surroundings and thus, in turn, prevents recurrence. Once you follow all these guidelines and the ones given in the pack-insert diligently, you can rest assured of the desired results.

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